Waste Reduction in Action!

03 Jun Waste Reduction in Action!

Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures Co., Ltd. (CMRCA) is a leader in Thailand in adventure tourism, leadership development, experiential education, team-building and safety.  They are currently engaged in the daunting task of reducing the amount of plastic waste generated in daily life across Southeast Asia.  This video is an inspiration to all of us around the world.  Take their suggestions and apply them to your daily life in your own country!  If you have suggestions please share by commenting!

As published on the CMRCA blog:

Motivated by the huge amount of trash we produced at last month’s staff meeting, we set a goal of reducing our lunch waste to zero.  This month we took some big steps in the right direction.

Help our climbing community reduce plastic and general waste!  Here are a few simple things that you can do to mitigate Thailand’s trash problem and set a powerful example:

  • For just 150 Baht, buy a bin-toh and take it to the market with you for breakfast, lunch and dinner!  Salespeople will be happy to fill the boxes up with the right amount of food — just make sure you catch them before they start filling plastic bags.
  • Carry a canvas bag and collect your stuff with the minimum amount of trash attached.  Bags designed for just this purpose will be available at CMRCA by the end of this week, for only 45 Baht!
  • When possible, eat at a restaurant on reusable dishes.  Even most street-side noodle stands have a place for you to sit down– and taking 10 minutes to eat there can mean up to 6 fewer plastic bags and rubber bands thrown away per person.
  • Discuss the trash situation in Thailand with others, and encourage them to minimize their use of plastic bags, rubber bands, and styrofoam boxes when shopping and buying food.

Think of simple ways to adjust your lifestyle to use less trash, and share your ideas by emailing info@thailandclimbing.com .

We’re starting with the (wo)man in the mirror, OH YEAH!

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